Having a misalignment in your spine can be overlooked for quite some time. You may just feel like your body is aging and that is causing you to be tired, stiff, and experiencing aches and pains. Truth is, you most likely just need a spinal adjustment to get back to feeling healthy and strong.

A lot of times people ignore the signs of a spinal misalignment, thinking that it is not that big of a deal. However, the alignment of your spine directly affects your general health and a misalignment that goes untreated could lead to major medical issues. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss some of the major signs of a spinal misalignment that you should watch for.

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#1 One Leg is Longer than the Other 

One of the easiest ways to tell if your spine is misaligned is to lay down on the floor or another flat surface and see if one leg is longer than the other. This test is sometimes difficult by yourself. If there is not another person there to help you, there are a few other things you can assess. 

Stand in the mirror and examine if your hips are even or if one is offset from the other. Another easy way to identify a spinal misalignment is to study the heels of your shoes. Is one worn down a lot more than the other? If so, that means that your spine is misaligned, causing one leg to be longer than the other.

#2 Aches and Pains 

The most common symptoms of a spinal misalignment are aches and pains all throughout your body. Your spine is what holds everything together. When it is not aligned and functioning properly, the rest of your body starts to suffer. If you notice an increase in headaches, soreness in your neck, shoulders, back, hips, or legs, it could be caused by a spinal misalignment. 

Occasionally, a minor misalignment will go unnoticed as it may not cause much pain in the beginning. Minor misalignments of the spine could simply cause stiffness in muscles and joints. This stiffness can increase to severe pain over time if it is ignored.  

#3 Lacking Range of Motion in Hips and Neck 

Another test that you can perform is the range of motion you have in your hips or neck. Stand up straight. Keeping your neck still, twist at your hips in one direction and take note of how far you can turn. Repeat on the other side. Were you able to turn further on one side than the other?

You can also do the same thing with your neck. Stand up straight. Keep the rest of your body facing forward, and turn your head to one side and then the other. If you were able to turn further on one side than the other on either the hip or neck test, you most likely have a misalignment in your spine, stopping you from having full range of motion.

#4 Everything Pops and Cracks 

Have you noticed that your neck, back, or hips have been popping and cracking a lot lately? This, in fact, is not a sign of you getting old. It is more likely to be caused by a misalignment of your spine. When even the smallest thing is out of line, it will cause joints and tendons to rub against each other. This is what makes those popping and cracking sounds. 

Another sign of spinal misalignment is if you are purposely popping your neck, back, or hips searching for relief from stiffness and pain in those areas. While you may find temporary relief in doing so, you should restrain from popping or cracking your body. Doing so without training could lead to permanent damage.

#5 Spine Isn’t Straight 

If you are wondering if your spine is misaligned, you can do this simple test. Bend over and reach for your toes. This will cause your spine to stick out and makes it easy to feel for a curve in the spine. Have a family member or friend simply run their finger from your neck to the bottom of your back. They should be feeling for two things — to see if your spine runs straight, and if there are any disks in your spine that stick out from the others.  

#6 You Just Feel Off 

You know your body better than anyone. Have you found yourself feeling more tired than usual? A misalignment in your spine often causes you to feel exhausted, even when you have gotten an appropriate amount of sleep. Other than feeling tired, a misalignment can cause your body to just feel off in general. If you are experiencing exhaustion and feel like you are in a slump, contact Advanced Healthcare Chiropractic in Fort Collins today!  

#7 You Get Sick Often 

As we mentioned before, your spine connects every part of your body. When you have a misalignment in your spine, the pain and discomfort drains your energy and affects the function of the rest of your body — including your immune system. If you have found that you are catching every little cold or virus that is going around, it is worth a visit to your chiropractor to realign your spine.

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