A woman holding her backA primary focus of our Advanced Healthcare Chiropractic office in Fort Collins is to help patients feel well in their bodies and to reduce any physical pain they may be experiencing. In our efforts to further this mission, our chiropractic firm provides peripheral neuropathy treatment for Northern Colorado residents experiencing numbness, tingling, burning pain, or other similar side effects. Our staff is dedicated to providing relief for patients experiencing any of the following issues — if so, peripheral neuropathy treatment may be for you! Read through all the details below and contact us for support and resources.

Find Out If you Qualify for a Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

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In short, peripheral neuropathy is a condition resulting from damage to the body’s nerves that are located outside of the brain and spinal cord; this can in turn cause symptoms such as weakness, numbness, pain, and can affect other areas of the body, including digestion. In most cases, this type of damage can stem from diabetes — caused by high levels of sugar in the blood — as well as various types of traumatic injuries and infections. Peripheral neuropathy treatment may also be needed due to a patient inheriting this condition from their parents. If you’re unsure if any of these situations apply to you, and you are experiencing any symptoms, contact our Advanced Healthcare Chiropractic staff to learn more about peripheral neuropathy treatment options!

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There are three major types of peripheral neuropathy that a patient can experience, and reviewing some of the key distinctions between them can help you determine if this is an issue you’re facing. Motor neuropathy is a subset of this condition that involves damage to an individual’s impulses and nerves that control muscles and body movements — this can prevent a patient from comfortably moving their hands or arms, walking, catching a ball, or moving the fingers to pick something up. Meanwhile, sensory neuropathy has to do with damage to the nerves that control what you feel, such as pain and temperature, and autonomic nerve neuropathy has to do with damage to unconscious body functions such as breathing and your heartbeat. All of these types require peripheral neuropathy treatment in order for a Northern Colorado patient to live their best life!

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No matter what form of peripheral neuropathy treatment you are seeking, or what subset of this condition you may be experiencing, it’s possible to experience a variety of symptoms. Our Advanced Healthcare Chiropractic experts have highlighted a few common symptoms that may describe your daily life:

     – Trouble sleeping due to pain in the feet

     – Gradual numbness or tingling in the body

     – Difficulty walking due to muscle weakness, or general muscle weakness

     – A pins-and-needles type of feeling in the feet

     – Burning of electric pain in the feet

If you notice these or other similar sensations, get in touch with us right away to see if you qualify for our peripheral neuropathy treatment!

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Managing peripheral neuropathy relies on seeking the right peripheral neuropathy treatment, in order to decrease the uncomfortableness of symptoms. Our Advanced Healthcare Chiropractic method of treating patients is cleared by the FDA and is designed to relieve painful symptoms individuals may be experiencing. Our chiropractic office has designed this peripheral neuropathy treatment to help the body heal the damaged nerves, and we pride ourselves on looking at each patient’s individual medical history. Our non-surgical, noninvasive method is perfect for getting your life back to normal!

Learn More About Our Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Plan

Whether your symptoms or side effects are easy to manage or are completely debilitating, Advanced Healthcare Chiropractic in Northern Colorado can help! Contact us today to see what type of treatment plan is right for you!

Find Out If you Qualify for a Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment