Patients in Fort Collins suffering from peripheral neuropathy struggle with numbness, tingling, burning pain, and even complete loss of feeling in their lower extremities. Past treatments for this condition have revolved around various medications, but ultimately medication does not correct the cause of the problem.

Medications for peripheral neuropathy often mask nerve pain symptoms, which can leave patients disappointed and still suffering from the underlying problem. At Advanced Healthcare in Fort Collins, we treat the cause of peripheral neuropathy and nerve pain so that our patients can get back to enjoying the best things in life. Contact our team today with questions or comments!

Symptoms of Neuropathy:

  • Trouble sleeping due to pain in your feet
  • Sensation of ants crawling on your legs
  • Difficulty walking
  • Restless legs
  • Feeling like pins and needles are in your feet
  • Burning or electric pain in your feet
  • Leg cramps

Who Qualifies for Our Fort Collins Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment?

People who experience uncomfortable nerve pain in their hands, feet, or legs are often good candidates for our neuropathy treatment. Our team at Advanced Healthcare will evaluate each case to determine if our treatment is a suitable option. Our Fort Collins peripheral neuropathy treatment is a great choice for many people as it is long-lasting, non-surgical, and requires no prescription drugs.

What Makes our Treatment Different?

Our FDA cleared peripheral neuropathy treatment helps relieve the painful symptoms of neuropathy by attacking the problem at its source. We use a combination of innovative technology and progressive treatments to aid the body in healing the damaged nerves. Many patients begin to see an improvement in their pain after the first few treatments. Some patients have also noticed that our treatment not only helps with neuropathy pain, but also symptoms of chronic pain, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.

Is Neuropathy Treatment at Advanced Healthcare Right for You?

At Advanced Healthcare, we believe that successful treatment of nerve pain requires looking at each patient as an individual. At your first appointment, one of our doctors will closely review your medical history and symptoms with you to determine if our treatment is a good option in your case to provide neuropathy relief. Our neuropathy treatment is non-surgical and requires no prescription drugs, so it is very appealing to many patients experiencing a wide range of symptoms.

Register for a complimentary new patient consultation today. The team at Advanced Healthcare is here to provide you with neuropathy relief in Fort Collins. Contact us today for more information about our peripheral neuropathy treatments!