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Discover the world of chiropractic care at our state-of-the-art facility in Fort Collins CO. Chiropractic is a remarkable healthcare profession, often misunderstood by many. Our aim with this article is to provide you with a fundamental understanding of how our chiropractic experts in Fort Collins CO can assist you and your loved ones.

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Our approach involves thorough listening to understand your specific needs, followed by the development of a tailored care plan to achieve your wellness objectives. Reclaim the joy of your favorite activities! Reach out to Advanced Healthcare Chiropractic in Fort Collins CO to embark on your journey to wellness!

How Chiropractic Care Can Help?

Chiropractic care is frequently misconceived as a remedy solely for back issues. However, it's an effective treatment for a broad spectrum of conditions, including migraines, chronic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, injuries, muscle strains, and many others.

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Chiropractic, a term formed from the Greek words “cheir” (meaning hand) and “praktos” (meaning done), translates to “done by hand.” Daniel David Palmer, the founder of chiropractic care, coined this term. In 1895, Palmer made chiropractic history by performing an adjustment on Harvey Lillard, a partially deaf janitor, who then experienced improved hearing.

Two years following this event, Palmer established the first school of chiropractic. Over the past century, chiropractic professionals have utilized spinal adjustments to assist individuals in dealing with back pain, carpal tunnel, muscle strains, headaches, migraines, and numerous other physical complaints. Today, countless individuals continue to benefit from Dr. Palmer's groundbreaking work.

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Chiropractors undergo a rigorous education, typically starting with an undergraduate degree in basic sciences or a background in a related healthcare field, followed by a minimum of four years at a chiropractic college.

Chiropractic students must complete at least 4,200 instructional hours with their teachers, plus a minimum of 1,000 hours of direct clinical training under supervision, mastering the necessary diagnostic and treatment skills to restore and maintain your body’s optimal function.

Our team at Advanced Healthcare Chiropractic is eager to consult with you about your health concerns. We are committed to creating a personalized treatment plan suited to your unique needs. We are excited to welcome you and start your journey to better health.