Chiropractic Testimonials

"Great one-on-one consultant with someone who actually cares about your health!"

- Charles E.

"I am a Canadian, traveling in the US for a few months. I’ve been battling severe hip pain for 10 months, and my back and neck were really tight, also contributing to a lot of pain. We were visiting a friend in Fort Collins, and she gave me a Groupon coupon to use at your clinic.

Your response to my problem was immediate and enthusiastic. The whole team was on it!! Everyone went over and above in my care. I had just a week there to get my treatments, and you fit me in every day. It was intense, but in the end, I was much more flexible and had my range of motion back. The hip, however, was diagnosed through X-rays, as needing a replacement. Disappointing, (as I’m very active) but so good to know. I can now pursue health care for my hip when I return to Canada. Knowledge is power. Thank you each and every one of you."

- Lynn L.

"I have been going to Advanced Healthcare Chiropractic for a few years now, after suffering from back, shoulder, and neck pain related to 2 car accidents, getting bucked off a horse, and in general, having scoliosis. Over the last few years, my pain has been significantly minimized and I can function as a normal human being!! The team there is very helpful and treats me as an individual, even giving high fives when I show up! They created a plan to fit my needs, yet I know I am in control of my own treatment every step of the way. They also have amazing massage services there. Michelle is incredible!"

- Lauren P.

"The entire staff is very friendly and accommodates your schedule. Everyone here is genuinely concerned about your well-being."

- Molly M.

"I’ve been going to Advanced Healthcare Chiropractic for about a month and a half and have noticed a great improvement. My body feels more open and alive. The tension in my back and neck is lessening significantly. I am finally sleeping at night without neck pain. I highly recommend Advanced Healthcare and am thankful for how they’ve helped me!"

- Jeannie S.

"I love coming to Advanced Healthcare Chiropractic. My pain is under control now and I have increased flexibility since starting care. The combination of stretching and massage with chiropractic adjustments is not something I’ve seen anywhere else. All of the staff are super nice and helpful if I ever have no problems or questions!"

- Kasey F.

"I have been at Advanced Healthcare Chiropractic for two years and it has made a huge difference. The most dramatic change for me has been my sleep quality. For years I had a hard time falling and staying asleep. Since starting care at Advanced Healthcare, I have found that as soon as I lay down I fall to sleep with few to no disturbances until I wake up. The “whole package” of stretches, strengthening, massage, and adjustments makes the difference."

- Karli H.

"My entire family enjoys coming to Advanced Healthcare Chiropractic. Every member of our family has benefited from the care at Advanced Healthcare. Whether it was treating nerve damage from back surgery or trying to prevent sports injuries, our family has definitely reaped the rewards of corrective chiropractic care. The exercises and strength training are amazing along with the positive attitude of all the staff at Advanced Healthcare, who are willing to train you in the proper way to keep your body healthy and strong. Thank you Advanced Healthcare for giving our family a better way to live our lives!"

- Pam F.

"Amazing results. My pain has lessened so much. I can drive now and do a lot more!"

- Lynda H.

"My sciatica is almost gone. I sleep through the night and am able to work full time again. I went camping last weekend and felt really good! The exercises given to me are helping me care for my body long-term rather than crisis management style. Your staff is wonderful! Not only are they helpful but I’ve made friends with several of your staff in the process."

- Katie K.

"I am not having terrible pain when driving and my leg is not going numb anymore. Advanced Healthcare Chiropractic has helped me realize how my body functions as a whole."

- Kerri B.

"Best chiropractor in Fort Collins CO. Went in with major back pain from sciatic nerve and stress. Dr. Owens had me pain-free after 20 minutes. I couldn’t say enough good things about this place. They are fair-priced and knowledgeable. Seem to listen and actually care about helping their customers rather than making money. What a pleasure to have Advanced Healthcare in my hometown."

- Jay C.


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