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Feel Better, Move Better, Get Stronger



  1. One on One

    Great one on one consultant with someone who actually cares about your health!…Read More

    Charles E.
  2. Range of Motion Back

    I am a Canadian, travelling in the US for a few months. I’ve been battling severe hip pain for 10 months, and my back and neck were really tight, also contributing to a lot of pain. We were visiting…Read More

    Lynn L.
  3. Scoliosis Relief

    I have been going to Advanced Healthcare for a few years now, after suffering from back, shoulder and neck pain related to 2 car accidents, getting bucked off a horse and in general, having scoliosis.…Read More

    Lauren P.
  4. Friendly and Accommodating

    The entire staff is very friendly and accommodate your schedule. Everyone here is genuinely concerned about your well being.…Read More

    Molly M.
  5. Less Tension

    I've been going to Advanced Healthcare for about a month and a half and have noticed great improvement. My body feels more open and alive. The tension in my back and neck is lessening significantly. I…Read More

    Jeannie S.
  6. Moving Better

    I love coming to Advanced Healthcare. My pain is under control now and I have increased flexibility since starting care. The combination of stretching and massage with chiropractic adjustments is not …Read More

    Kasey F.
  7. Sleeping Soundly

    I have been at Advanced Healthcare for two years and it has made a huge difference. The most dramatic change for me has been my sleep quality. For years I had a hard time falling and staying asleep. S…Read More

    Karli H.
  8. Whole Family Wellness

    My entire family enjoys coming to Advanced Healthcare. Every member of our family has benefited from the care at Advanced Healthcare. Whether it was treating nerve damage from back surgery or trying t…Read More

    Pam F.
  9. Function Restored

    Amazing results. My pain has lessened so much. I can drive now and do a lot more!…Read More

    Lynda H.
  10. Sciatica Relief

    My sciatica is almost gone. I sleep through the night and am able to work full time again. I went camping last weekend and felt really good! The exercises given to me are helping me care for my body l…Read More

    Katie K.
  11. Driving Without Pain

    I am not having terrible pain when driving and my leg is not going numb anymore. Advanced Healthcare has helped me realize how my body functions as a whole.…Read More

    Kerri B.
  12. Pain Free After 20 Minutes

    Best chiropractor in ft collins. Went in with major back pain from sciatic nerve and stress. Dr. Owens had me pain free after 20 minutes. I couldn’t say enough good things about this place. They are…Read More

    Jay C.

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