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If you've never experienced professional chiropractic care, you might be wondering how the process works. Chiropractic care provides a comprehensive strategy to cater to many musculoskeletal conditions and the symptoms they cause. Unlike popular belief, chiropractic care can help with more than back pain – it can alleviate symptoms all along the spinal and neuro system, including headaches, neck pain, knee pain, and other stiff joints.

Whether you're experiencing pain due to traumatic injury, poor posture, or repetitive stress, we can help you. Reach out to us to learn more!

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What Makes Us Different?

Are you experiencing recurring muscle pain, but you’re tired of going to your doctor? If you're experiencing chronic pain and discomfort caused by misalignment of muscles, our highly trained chiropractors can help alleviate the pain.

Our services include physical therapy, rehabilitative exercises, manual therapies, and nutritional programs. Our faculty of chiropractors are extensively trained to perform hands-on manual applications of controlled force to the target joints. Call us today to get a comprehensive chiropractic treatment with our skilled staff.

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Interpretation Process of Chiropractic Care in Fort Collins

Our primary goal is to interpret all the designed tools for physical examinations, such as x-rays and muscle scans. If other contributing factors are discovered during muscle examination, our chiropractic faculty will refer you to another appropriate physician.

We are constantly working on ways to improve the chiropractic services that we provide. For this purpose, various practices are adopted by chiropractors. For example, we adjust the muscles which regulate blood and nutrient flow, facilitate healing, and alleviate pressure on surrounding tissues

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At Advanced Healthcare Chiropractic, we provide an integrative approach to chiropractic care. You can schedule a free consultation and learn about relief, preventative, and corrective care. Contact our chiropractic clinic in Fort Collins today with any additional questions!

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