The physical strain that accompanies pregnancy can leave women dealing with a variety of uncomfortable symptoms including lower back pain, leg cramps, sciatica, and constipation. These symptoms can also make for a difficult daily routine, and labor experience. To ease the physical stress that women experience during pregnancy, the team at Advanced Healthcare in Fort Collins recommends chiropractic treatments. Chiropractic treatment in Fort Collins for pregnancy related issues are known to lessen pain, and can even make the birthing process easier.

What Factors Cause Discomfort During Pregnancy?

Since a woman’s body is now making room for a growing baby, she will undergo several changes which can cause discomfort. The lower back and pelvis experience added stress as the woman’s center of gravity shifts and the baby grows bigger. Between weight gain and reaching the peak of her pregnancy, the curve of the woman’s lower back will increase to the point where it can impact the sacrum, hip joints, and vertebral joints.

Sciatica is another condition which can cause discomfort during pregnancy. Sciatica occurs when compression in the spine pinches nerves, which travel down into the legs. Since all the nerves of the body originate in the spine, even a small misalignment of a vertebrae can result in tremendous referred pain. Sciatica is specifically when a woman experiences pain that radiates from the lower back down the legs.

Generally, women with preexisting spinal misalignment and low back problems, will have aggravated pain during pregnancy. Pregnancy can cause further spinal misalignment, which have trouble going back into proper position following the completion of the pregnancy. Women still struggling with lower back pain may find it difficult to carry the baby on the front or back, breastfeed, and bend over to lift objects. Our chiropractors in Fort Collins know how to treat pregnancy related pain and conditions, helping our patients overcome the physical strain of carrying a baby.

Prenatal Chiropractic Care

To reduce the discomfort and lower back pain experienced during pregnancy and the postpartum period, women can use our specialized pregnancy chiropractors in Fort Collins. The chiropractors at Advanced Healthcare perform a thorough examination to determine the best treatment method to prepare the body for the physical strain of pregnancy and childbirth. These specialized adjustments can reduce the woman’s need for pain medication during delivery and minimize labor time. Chiropractic treatments post-childbirth can also help the woman’s body return to a healthy state, by correcting any misalignment and lower back pain sustained during the labor process.

To learn more about the benefits of prenatal and postpartum chiropractic care, reach out to our team in Fort Collins today.